Terms of sale Fjorden Bingo on the Bingo channel

You can buy bingo booklets online and from retailers. You can pay with a debit card. It is not possible to pay by credit card. The sale takes place in NOK without VAT.

The amount is deducted from the account when the bingo voucher is delivered.

When paying online, the Bingo booklet will appear on the page after the transaction has been completed. There you can download the booklet or have it sent by e-mail.
If the booklet does not appear, contact Bingokanalen at post@bingokanalen.no or phone 482 54 110. Any complaints must be made before the game starts.

The bingo booklet can only be used on Radio Sunnhordland's radio bingo (i.e. Fjorden Bingo on Bingokanalen) and only during the week the booklet is marked with.

If you win bingo, you must call 482 54 110 as soon as possible.

You must state the bank account number and submit a block in the event of a win. Money is paid into the account. The prize ladder is indicated in the game in addition to being on the blocks.

Prize table.:
Round 1 – 3: NOK 400 on one row, NOK 600 on two rows and NOK 1500 on three rows.
Round 4: NOK 1,000 on one row, NOK 1,500 on two rows and NOK 3,000 on three rows.
Junior jackpot: NOK 10,000 on three rows with dedicated lucky numbers, in addition to the ordinary prize on a row of three.
Main jackpot: NOK 100,000 on three rows of dedicated lucky numbers, in addition to the ordinary prize on a row of three.

Everyone who gets a lucky number on a row of three during the evening shares the relevant jackpot.

When is bingo played?
Bingo is played every Wednesday from 20:00. From 19.00 to 20.00 there is a show. Double blocks are then played with four rounds.

Should the bingo be canceled due to technical problems etc., you can exchange the bingo booklet for a later week.

Personal information is only stored so that the seller can carry out the transaction and trace back to any failed purchase. This information will not be used in other contexts.

You must be 18 years of age to play
Gambling must be an offer for adults in Norway. Therefore, there is an 18-year age limit on all gambling games. At Bingokanalen, you must go through a secure login with Vipps before you can play online. The points of sale of bingo blocks must ensure that the age limit is followed where identification may be required. When winnings are paid out, age and place of residence are checked to ensure that the player is over 18 years of age and resident in Norway.

Where can I follow the draw?
You can follow the draw on local radio (DAB/net radio/Facebook live). See bingokanalen.no for details.

How is bingo played?
The bingo host starts by reading all the formalities and the info you need to know before the game starts. The bingo host then reads out one number at a time.
When you get one, two or three rows in the same slot, you must call in to say you have bingo. You must also give up your receipt number, this is six digits and you will find it on the right just below the receipt where you got bingo.
You can see a video demonstration of the game on the game page online under bingokanalen.bingo358.com.

Play online
Fjorden Bingo also sells bingo blocks online via bingokanalen.bingo358.com. It is required that the player register a game account.
The player must confirm his identity using BankID. In addition, the player must be able to shut himself out.
Payment is made by the player using a debit bank card.

Bingo vouchers are received after purchase and can either be printed or played digitally.

Digital game
The player is responsible for keeping track of the ticks on the digital blocks and calling in at bingo themselves. The online sale closes before each game round and opens for the next round as soon as a game round has been completed. It is also possible to subscribe to bingo blocks. Then you get these automatically every week. If you forget or do not have the opportunity to play, the online system will play for you and we will call you if you win.

How to collect the prize
When you have won on a physical block, you must send a picture of it to post@bingokanalen.no and state your name, address and account number to which you want the payment. If you play digitally, the game account will be updated under Your Page. You can use the prize money to buy new blocks, or request payment online.

You can also send the completed block by post to:
Radio Sunnhordland AS
Haraldsgata 114
5527 Haugesund

Remember to mark the block with your name and account number for payment. More letters with Radiobingo.

Right of appeal
Complaints are addressed to the seller within a reasonable time. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not successful, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on phone 23 400 500 or www.forbrukerradet.no.